DayToDay Health builds a virtual healthcare system for COVID-19 Patients

DaytoDay Health (DTDHI), a leading global health-tech service company which provides personalised technology-based solutions to patients to guide, help and assist patients through pre and post-surgery care, today announced that it has built a virtual healthcare system for COVID-19 patients. 

The virtual healthcare system for COVID-19 care management program by DTDHI is designed for patients who are not in immediate need of hospitalization. The program offers comprehensive, individualized, and holistic support that addresses a patient’s clinical, physical, diet prudence and not to forget emotional needs on a day to day basis.

Speaking about the details of the virtual healthcare system, Rajiv Misra, President, APAC,DayToDay Health, said, “The comprehensive remote health management program enables not only the patients, and but their caregivers in complete remote monitoring. The platform acts like a mini clinic by also providing mental wellbeing and counselling. Yet enabling doctors to keep track of their patients outcomes on day to day basis.”

“The patients need to answer questions to help the healthcare professionals keep a track on their parameters with a ‘health check tool,’ on things like how they feel, their body temperature etc. This provides data to further understand if the symptoms are under control,” he added. 

Boston-headquartered DTDHI has built a unique one-of-its-kind virtual healthcare system for COVID-19 positive patients. Remote healthcare is an ideal solution for the nearly 80% of coronavirus patients presenting with non-critical symptoms. It reduces the stress on hospital facilities and the risks to front-line doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals. The platform is designed for ease of use by caregivers and ease of implementation by providers to help onboard teams quickly and scale efficiently.

Dr. AlokeMullick, CEO, OMNI Hospitals said, “OMNI Hospitals is on a journey to enable a 360-degree digital approach for the care of patients. We welcome DayToDay Health’s COVID-19 Care digital platform as a step that enables the delivery of quality healthcare.”

The virtual healthcare system is completely free of cost and provides the patient with clinicians, physicians, nurse, and a complete virtual care team which offers the right guidance while in isolation. Additionally, the patient’s medical details, records, and inputs are registered on the system and a care coach assists every single patient with registration and other tutorial details.

“This virtual COVID-19 care program manages the patient’s end-to-end needs and engages their caregivers at the same time. The care managers of the program are indeed very helpful for patients during these times, and they do a good job at hand holding the patient through their recovery journey,” said  Alex George, COO, Jaslok Hospital.

The healthcare systems in India and the world over are in dire need of support to manage asymptomatic and non-critical coronavirus patients, and the DTDHI is providing the right kind of support with its virtual healthcare system. The virtual system is designed to have live chats, calls, and consultations when needed. The start-up is in talks with the Health Ministry and ICMR and is already working with a few hospitals in different parts of India. 

“The successful response that we got after setting up of COVID care centers at Bangalore, Mysore and Pune, in partnership with DayToDay Health, we are now extending the care package across all our location at no cost employees,’ informed  Gautam Kumar, CHRO, SKF India.

Overall, DayToDay Health equips hospitals to unleash the full potential of their caregiving teams to transform patients’ lives.


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