CURIA is now the #1 Cancer App globally

CURIATM, developed by Innoplexus AG, has now become the most decentralized ecosystem of cancer information internationally. With more than 700,000+ downloads, CURIATM is on a mission to revolutionize patient participation in the treatment journey and clinical research for cancer.

WHO estimates that 1 out of 10 Indians are likely to develop cancer sometime in their lifetime[1]. Another study revealed that nearly 70% of all cancer patients are dissatisfied with the information they receive[2].  With its path-breaking AI technology, CURIATM aims to be the single source of credible information and support for cancer patients.

Built over the OntosightTM platform, the app uses AI technology to search 95% of the internet every day for updates to registries, drug approval sites, and clinical trial databases. The information compiled on the app is reviewed by an expert panel and provided to the app users, in a manner that only the information relevant to the patient’s cancer profile are displayed. This significantly cuts down the time spent on search and eliminates misinformation risk.

Speaking about this, Dr. Gunjan Bhardwaj, Founder, Innoplexus AG, said, “CURIA is on a mission to empower all cancer patients globally with accurate information and potential treatment options. The app is now available in 12 geographies and ranked at #1 in the Play Store in several countries including India. We have created several unique features such as ‘Cancer Twin’ that address patients’ desire to connect with someone who can perfectly understand their situation. Based on a questionnaire, the AI algorithm of the app matches patients with the most similar cancer profiles and enables sharing of experiences through a private, blockchain encrypted chat service which ensures that there is no compromise with the patient’s privacy.”

Adding further, Ashwin Rathod, Co-founder, OncoCoin AG, said, “We have recently launched the Second Opinion service in the app. Also, the app has an integrated Info Feed feature that provides patients access to curated articles, blogs, audios/videos, as well as other resources that can assist them in their treatment journey. Day by day, we are inching closer to the goal of connecting with every single cancer patient in the world and enabling better recoveries for them.”

The breakthroughs in AI deployment for sharing information on cancer that CURIATM has achieved, comes across as game-changer for the cancer patients. The app is focused on ensuring that no user lacks access to superior treatment options due to misinformation. The app has customized options that answer three core concerns of majority of the patients. These are:

What are the treatment options available for me?

Participation in which clinical trials can benefit me?

Who are the experts to consult for my cancer type?

As a platform, CURIATM seeks to answer these questions, and facilitate in-depth doctor-patient conversations to identify the right course of action for the patients. CURIATM is available on both Android and iOS.


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