Cardiovascular diseases and guidelines to sustain a healthy lifestyle

  • This article is contributed by Dr. Anuj Choudhary, Founder of Animal Booster Nutrition

The heart is the main functioning part of our body but have you ever thought that what will happen to our heart if we still maintain an unhealthy lifestyle? Most of us don’t understand that this is a serious issue to be worried about. As World Heart Day is approaching we are obliged to spread awareness on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. People have to be proactive about taking care of their hearts and health. In India, one in four deaths is happening due to heart diseases. It’s been known to all that coronary heart diseases are very unpredictable and it can happen with genetics as well. High Blood Pressure, Stress, Smoking, Unhealthy eating, or overeating are some of the top risk factors that appear in but there can be other medical reasons as well that can be your grounds for heart diseases. Today’s generation lifestyle is confined to the internet and in the want of living a lavish life, people have forgotten about their health. Today ordering food from outside has become a normal thing. People are more reliant on the junk or processed food which is the most dangerous for our health.

Tips to overcome cardiovascular diseases:

1. Maintain your blood pressure and cholesterol level

High Cholesterol and High blood pressure is the most common reason for cardiovascular diseases. Of course, our body needs some cholesterol for the proper functioning but if it’s increasing, it will start sticking in your arteries walls and gradually can narrow or block them. We should cut on those food items that are high in cholesterol. Eating a healthy diet that is rich in whole grains, fruits, green vegetables, and low-fat dairy products can help you lower your cholesterol and blood pressure. Also reducing sodium in your diet can really help you with your heart health.

2. Exercising and Yoga is essential

The best you can do for maintaining a healthy heart is being physically fit. Maintaining weight and not smoking is a great thing but if you are overweighted you need to shred down some extras from your body. Some doctors have said that in some certain conditions exercising can be more beneficial than medication. Exercises like running, brisk walking, swimming, and some gym exercises like running on a treadmill and cycling can be very helpful in reducing your weight. Along with this Yoga is the best anyone can do for their health which is good for your body, and if you smoke exercising can also help you to quit it.

3. Get your treatment for medical conditions

Skipping or irregular heartbeat is called Atrial Fibrillation, in this condition, there are clots that form in your heart and those clots can travel to your brain and can produce a stroke. If you are having symptoms of heart palpitation and shortness of oxygen then you have to visit your doctor. This happens because of the thickness in our blood. Some people also have a certain family history like heredity of heart problems, overweight, thyroid, and many more.

4. Reduce your tension and stress

You can assume or make sure what condition or circumstances a person is going through. Many times it happens that a person is going through a mental breakdown and they do not talk and share it with another person but there’s nothing we can do about it. In this situation, it’s better for a person to seek medical help from which they can get benefit from it. Stress and anxiety can be a serious reason for cardiovascular disease. Try to meditate and bring your mind at peace by eliminating all the negative thoughts and worries of life.

5. Eat a healthy diet

Being a busy person our food cycle is disturbed and we need to organize it accordingly. What we eat plays a vital role in our health, if we are not paying much attention to our daily routine of what we are eating then we are bound to have heart diseases and many other problems. There are many food items like green leafy vegetables like spinach and lettuce, whole grains, avocadoes, fish oil, walnuts, beans, and dark chocolates. All these foods are good for our health in coronary diseases. They are highly rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamin C and vitamin K. Write down a weekly food plan as this will help in maintaining health.

Live well today for a healthier tomorrow. Living healthy is the best way to avoid many heart and brain diseases. It’s the time now when we take a charge for our own health. 


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