Medical team at Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai performing a heart transplant surgery

Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai: Pioneering Heart Transplants in the Fight against Amyloidosis

In a medical breakthrough, Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai recently marked its eighth successful heart transplant. This transplant showcased the hospital’s expertise in tackling severe and rare medical conditions, such as Amyloidosis, which the 40-year-old male patient was battling.

Apollo’s expert heart transplant team, led by Dr. Sanjeev Jadhav, Consultant, CVTS, Heart & Lung Transplant Surgery, meticulously handled the patient’s case. The patient was suffering from heart failure due to Amyloidosis, a rare condition characterized by abnormal protein deposits affecting the functioning of different organs. In this case, the condition had severely disrupted the patient’s heart functioning, rendering heart transplant as the only viable option.

On April 4th, 2023, the medical team at Apollo Hospitals was informed about a brain-dead individual in a South Mumbai hospital. Following this information, Apollo’s transplant team, with the assistance of the Mumbai and Navi Mumbai traffic control police, swiftly created a green corridor, transporting the heart within 46 minutes to save a life.

Dr. Jadhav, elaborating on the intricacies of the procedure, stated, “From the retrieval of the donor’s heart to its successful implantation in the recipient, the Apollo transplant team worked in perfect synchrony. The heart transplant was a success and an example of the proficiency that are hallmarks of the organ transplant program at Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai.”

Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai continues to shine in the healthcare sector with its dedication to advanced medical care and a team of specialists at the forefront of medical science, turning the tide in the battle against the most complex health conditions.


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