Akron Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Comes up with Disinfectant Tablets to Fight COVID-19

Delhi: At a time when people across the globe are worried & fighting the battle against COVID-19 Corona Virus, a Delhi-based young entrepreneur, Arrjun Sehgal, Founder of Akron Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. has come up with Disinfectant Tablets by the Brand Name: Akrosept that is helping people to Disinfect Surface, Objects, Air Tight Packets, Incoming Couriers, Fruits & Vegetables etc. at Homes, Workplace, Clinics, Hospitals, Restaurants, Hotels & Religious Establishments. Solution prepared from Akrosept Tablets is effective against Bacteria, Microbes, Fungi, Germs & Viruses including COVID-19 Coronavirus. Since April till July 2020, the firm has sold over 14 million Akrosept Disinfection Tablets. Akrosept Tablets carry a 12 year legacy of being a preferred disinfectant amongst Leading Govt. & Private Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Clinics.

While companies were focussing on selling Sanitizers, Masks, PPE and other products, there was no stable disinfectant in the market for protection from COVID-19. We identified this gap and launched Multipurpose Akrosept Tablets on E-Commerce and OTC/Chemist channels to make it accessible to general public for Household & Workplace Disinfection. The formula and active ingredient of Akrosept Powerful Disinfectant Tablets – NaDCC Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate has been recommended by WHO World Health Organisation for Disinfection of High Touch Areas, Surface & Objects to protect against Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) as part of their Recommended Disease Commodity Package – Novel Coronavirus (nCoV),” said Arrjun Sehgal.

Sharing more information about Disinfectant Tablets, Mr. Sehgal, said “Akrosept is so far the most stable & superior disinfectant available as compared to Alcohol Based Disinfectants & Sodium Hypochlorite (80-120 times more effective and stable). It releases stable Hypochlorous Acid in Water & poses no threat of sparking or catching fire like in case of alcohol based disinfectants. Just drop the effervescent Akrosept Tablet in recommended volume of water to prepare powerful disinfecting solution that can be used to spray, wipe, mop, rinse, mist, fog & fumigate all surface, area, floors, objects & air tight packets. It is also used for Disinfection of Fruits & Vegetables which is a major cause of concern these days.

Akrosept is competitively priced, more economical & gives value for money in comparison to other disinfectants and sanitizers available in the market.


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